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Transition to Trade Bespoke Programme.

Often, enrolling within a programme is the right way forward for a young person. However, if they’ve already left school, accessing a training programme of this nature can be challenging. Alexander’s Community Development believe all young people deserve the opportunity to access a programme which can help them successfully gain employment within the trades industry.

We work with organisations to deliver a bespoke programme for individuals, so we can help bridge the skills gap for young people. Our hands-on training will give young people the opportunity to take their knowledge and learn how to carry it through into on site projects. Through a mix of classroom and on-site training, Alexander’s Community Development will support the development of relevant construction industry skills.

A transitional programme for young people, Transition to Trade is delivered five 5 times per year, to a maximum of twelve young people per cohort, this Programme will provide the opportunity to learn in a real life work environment, experiencing the realities of working life over a six week period.

Following on from the six week programme, the young people will be directed onto work experience placements and/or additional qualifications, that will support their future career goals.

Leon Tierney – Bespoke Transition to Trade

I came on the programme because I have a wee man that I want to provide for and I don’t want to get stuck in a rut of being on universal credit, because its easy done and I want that ‘adult routine’ where you go home and have a lazy weekend because you’ve earned your days off.

I’m glad I got onto this programme because has given me some of that structure I was looking for.

I’m proud of myself for getting the IOSH health and safety certificate as I will be doing my CSCS in November so I’ll be able to save some money with a labourer job to provide for the wee man and save a bit before going back to college to do brick laying.

Scott Millers – Bespoke Transition to Trade

I phoned the job centre wanting to get a CSCS course as I have had a bit of struggle getting on one. Something always gets in the way of me getting on one or I have issues accessing ILA. So I was relieved when I got offered this course where I get the CSCS card.

I’m most proud of passing the IOSH test and learning how to roll because it was so difficult at first but now I feel like I have the hang of it, so that was a good moment for me.

Once I’ve finished the course I’m going to get myself on a building site with the CSCS card as a labourer. Then I’ll be able to afford driving lessons, which means I’ll hopefully be able to get myself an apprenticeship and then stable job.

Here is a short celebration video from one of our Bespoke Transition to Trade programmes, who are sharing their stories and feedback from the course.


We are a community organisation and seek to partner with progressive businesses who wish to develop skills in their workforce and the wider community. Our training is delivered by highly skilled tradesmen and sector specific experts and teachers. We are always looking to offer volunteering opportunities to retired tradesmen and those who are looking to give back.