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Corporate Sponsorship

Alexander’s Community Development (ACD) is a community organisation serving Dundee aiming  to improve the city by  better engaging, up-skilling and supporting the people into better quality lives.  A key part of the development of ACD is  to make the existing space more energy and resource efficient and for a new green building to be established adding to the existing capacity of the site to increase the service provision and revenues of ACD, allowing for sustainability of the services and a legacy to be created in the city through the creation of ACD.

Dundee is the fifth most deprived council area of Scotland (Scottish Multiple Index of Deprivation (SMID) 2020 data). TheSE graphics  are a visualisation of the analysis and provide detail on the geographic impact of deprivation in Dundee.  ACD understands that there is a need to better involve the community in a variety of ways to help break the cycle of deprivation within the city. ACD aims to improve multiple areas of deprivation, both directly and indirectly, through their service provision in the areas of school outreach and community work.

Map with key showing all Deciles
Charts showing data zones deprivation percentages

Alexander Community Development runs a year long Bonus Ball competition. 59 individuals and local business owners have supported the work that Alexander Community Development carry out. We want to thank the businesses for their support throughout 2020/20201.



For an investment of £5000, you will contribute to: 

  • Funding a project delivery leader and their salary
  • Delivery of ACD Community Programme 
  • Development and build of ACD Training Centre 
  • Delivery of ACD Training Programme  

In return for your investment, you will gain: 

  • Exposure in local and national press 
  • Features on our website and social media
  • Ability to meet community benefit clauses on tenders 
  • Ability to meet CSR duties, in line with supporting a charity 
  • Display of banners on site 
  • 2 tickets to an annual sponsors dinner 
  • Invitation to Transition to Trade presentation 
  • Display on Alexander Community Development Mini Bus 


Individuals and Companies who would like to be a one-off donation would be gladly welcomed. We would be delighted to accept donations in the form of monetary gifts as well as donations of services and time. Please contact to discuss this further.  



If your company would like to donate your staff time in order to help us achieve our aims, we can offer the following opportunities:

  • Events 
  • Supporting with specialist skills on school projects 
  • DIY days