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Welcome to the Update on the St. Marys shop renovations.

Firstly, a reminder of what the purpose of the Trades for All programme is. Trades for All is ACD’s trading company, where we pair retired/experienced tradesmen with new apprentices. This is to utilise the knowledge and experience the older generation has and to pass it down to the newest generation of apprentices.

To help outline this side of ACD, here is the most recent project that Trades for All have completed.

Main Room

We were contacted by the Strathmartine Community Larder to renovate Units 24 and 26 at St. Mary’s for a Community Larder and Community Shop. The units at St. Mary’s were in a bad state when work began on 15th November 2021. The project timeline was over a period of six weeks, excluding the two weeks break for Christmas.

Kitchen Unit

The goal for this project was to completely renovate the units to be fit for use. The units were in a state of disrepair before our team got to work, almost everything needing replaced. From the ceiling tiles to the wiring to the flooring to the paint on the walls. The work also included renovating the entire space, including installing a kitchen in the larder to prepare hot meals.

With the idea behind Trades for All being to train up the next generation using the knowledge and skills of well-established tradesmen, this project is a prime example of that philosophy. Two of our apprentices, Brandon and Kerr, were a part of this project with their experienced mentor Jeff. Bob Doig, head of Trades for All has stated:

“Kerr has come a long way since he started with us (Trades for All), he’s far better with his timekeeping and his skills as a tradesmen mean he will get a good job after his apprenticeship. I’m honestly pretty proud of the lad.”

The keys have been handed back to Melanie Kiyani and the shops should open in the coming weeks.

We here at ACD are incredibly proud of all our team members within Trades for All and are extremely excited to see how their next project, renovating an old bookshop within the town, goes! If you would like to participate in the Trades for All programme as either an apprentice or an experienced tradesperson, please get in contact with ACD via email or social media.

Jeff and Brandon handing over the keys