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All of us here at ACD are proud to announce Lynne Short as our newest member of the board.

Councillor Short has served as a Dundee City councillor since 2016 and has used this position to boost the visibility of different charitable projects. The Community toolbox is one of the more recent projects she has supported, a service where individuals can rent out tools as they may not be able to afford to buy them outright.

Ms. Short has always been supportive of ACD, from our community development food program to our living wage employment status. She can be quoted as stating:

“During a time of uncertainty in the world it is so heartening to see one of our cities leading businesses take the step of securing Living Wage Accreditation. To show employees that they are an important part of the business’s future development, and their efforts are appreciated by paying the living wage must be a real boost to company moral. I hope this encourages other businesses in the city to allow us to continue with our ambition of being a living wage city where fair work is paid a fair rate. Thank you to all those who continue with their accreditation status and those that are joining the community.”

We would like to thank Councillor Short in advance for the contributions she will make to help better ACD as a charity.